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This video gives a high-level overview of how to use DisputeFlow to build custom dispute responses with just a few steps. Easily compile compelling evidence and automatically send disputes responses to your processor directly from Midguard.
This tutorial will tell you how to upload a PDF of a custom-created dispute response to DisputeFlow. isputeFlow offers two options for building dispute responses. You can use guided workflows in the builder to create and submit your response. Or, you can use an alternate platform — like Microsoft Word or Google Doc — to create the response package and then upload it to DisputeFlow for submission. If you choose to upload your own package, there are a few things to remember: 1. DisputeFlow accepts PDFs. Be sure to save your file appropriately before uploading. 2. The maximum file size is 8MB. This is due to limitations in your processor’s portal. We want to be sure to upload as small a package as possible. 3. When you upload your PDF, it will be automatically sent to your processor. You can’t undo this action, so be sure you have the correct file uploaded before submitting. 4. After submission, it can often take 24-36 hours for the dispute response to be displayed in your processor’s portal. 5. Make sure you include all the required information and compelling evidence in your package. This includes, but is not limited to: A cover letter explaining your case Information about the transaction being disputed Information about the order and the customer who placed it Proof of service or delivery Customer service notes Terms and conditions Images of your website
Let’s start with a basic question: what is a cover letter? A cover letter is a letter sent with, and explaining the contents of, another document. For example, a cover letter is often sent with a resume or job application. It gives an overview of why the applicant would be a good fit for the position, and the claims are supported with evidence in the attached resume. The cover letter for your dispute response serves a similar purpose. Your dispute response consists of several different pieces of compelling evidence. Your cover letter should give a brief overview of that evidence, point out particularly important elements, and formally state what you are hoping to achieve — which is, overturning the dispute.
Midigator’s reporting shares chargeback results as soon as they become available. Navigating to the Report Midigator offers several integration options, each with different technology features. The process for viewing results will vary slightly depending on your integration level and response strategy. DisputeFlow If you use DisputeFlow to fight chargebacks yourself, navigate to the DisputeFlow screen from the sidebar menu.

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