Stop Chargebacks at their Source with In-Depth Analytics

With greater insight and data-driven decisions, you can reduce the risk of chargebacks and prevent unnecessary revenue loss.

Marketing Source

Easily balance conversion rates with chargeback rates, and discover low-quality customers before they hurt your bottom line.

Identify High-Risk Strategies

Discontinue marketing strategies that generate more risk than reward.

Focus on Your target Audience

Invest resources in tactics that reach your ideal customer.

Reason Code

Check which chargeback reason codes are used most often and establish a norm for your business. Then, be on the lookout for unusual activity.

Recognize Internal Errors

Identify hidden issues causing legitimate chargebacks assumed to be friendly fraud.

Fine-Tune Prevention Strategies

Gain insight into the areas of greatest vulnerability and adjust strategies for better protection.

Subscription Cycle

Determine which billing cycle will likely trigger disputes. Act preemptively before customer loyalty and perceived value start to drop.

Improve Customer Lifetime Value

Reignite loyalty, prevent chargebacks, and retain customers.

Trade Chargebacks for Cancellations

Recognize the just-right moment to remind customers of your cancellation policy.

Product Type or SKU

Discover which products are popular targets for criminals and friendly fraudsters. Know which merchandise is highly susceptible to chargebacks.

Increase Protection

Monitor fraud indicators more closely for high- risk merchandise.

Adjust Inventory as Risk Evolves

Phase out products as risk escalates and surpasses profitability.


Judge the profitability of new markets by comparing the likelihood of a region’s customers to file disputes against possible earning potential.

Strategically Introduce New Markets

Monitor the risks associated with each country as you add new markets.

Respond to Emerging Threats

Act preemptively in response to escalating risk and shifting fraud trends on a country-by-country basis.

Price Point

Run A/B tests to determine which price points are most likely to cause chargebacks. Balance revenue with chargeback costs to optimize profitability.

Choose the Perfect Price

Find the price that reduces chargebacks but still provides sufficient profits

Improve Perceived Value

Boost customer loyalty by providing products at the price customers feel is most reasonable.

Bank Identification number

Recognize differences in issuer preferences and expectations that are causing an increase in disputes.

Adapt to Issuer-Specific Expectations

Gain insight into issuer trends and adjust business practices to align with varying preferences.

Incorporate Insight into Pre-Sale Screening

Monitor sales from cardholders with high-risk BINs more carefully.

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Comprehensive, multi-layer approach to resolving disputes.

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