Solutions to Prevent Chargebacks & Reduce Revenue Loss

Multi-layer approach

Business growth any longer.

Complete Data Sync Process

Consolidate your data into a single platform to improve transparency and efficiency.

Respond & Prevent

Respond to customer disputes and resolve issues before they turn into chargebacks.

Analyze & Optimized

Track your performance with detailed analytics. Take preemptive action against emerging threats.

Sync YourOrder information with your payment processing data

Sync your order information

Connect your merch accounts

Enable the magic of Midguard

Customer Details
Add customer information from your CRM, order management system, or shopping cart to Midguard.

Prevent Chargebacks by instantly resolving customer disputes

Resolve customer disputes before they become chargebacks. Use integrated prevention alerts from Ethoca™ and Verifi™ to refund customers, stop order fulfillment, and cancel subscriptions—all from within the Midguard platform.

disputes transaction

A customer contacts the bank and disputes a transaction. The bank collects the customer’s information and the dispute resolution process begins.

Prevention alert

The bank sends a notification of the dispute through the appropriate prevention alert network. Midguard receives the alert and notifies you of the customer dispute.

Prevention alert

You have the chance to refund the disputed transaction and resolve the customer’s issue before it progresses to a chargeback. Midguard’s technology helps make this step quick and easy.

Real-Time Merchant Account Monitoring & Reporting

Custom Reporting

Set custom triggers and receive notifications any time account activity reaches one of your predetermined thresholds. No more logging into multiple portals, waiting for reports, or constantly monitoring your chargebacks. Midguard doesn’t sleep so you can.

Real Time Reporting

Use real-time data to gain a realistic understanding of your current situation and what needs to happen in the future. Midguard removes the barriers to highly-valuable and insightful information so you can make intelligent, data-driven decisions.

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Comprehensive, multi-layer approach to resolving disputes.

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